nvidia-settings question

vdr01_64 ~ # DISPLAY=:0 nvidia-settings -q all |grep Attribute |grep GPUUtilization
  Attribute 'GPUUtilization' (vdr01_64:0[gpu:0]): graphics=41, memory=14, video=44, PCIe=1
vdr01_64 ~ #

Can someone please explain for what are “graphics=41, memory=14, video=44” is standing for?

They’re percentages for the various GPU components. See NV_CTRL_STRING_GPU_UTILIZATION in NVCtrl.h.

OK, thanks.


"video"     integer - the percentage usage of video engine.

is the load of the VPE --> http://www.nvidia.com/object/feature_vpe.html

But what is “graphics”?

"graphics"  integer - the percentage usage of graphics engine.

Is this the load of the GPU?

Really no further ideas?

Generally we refer to the whole chip as the “GPU” but it’s composed of multiple engines. “graphics” here refers to the engine that contains the SMs and does graphics and compute work. “memory” refers to the bus between the GPU and its memory, and “PCIe” refers to the bus between the GPU and the rest of the system. “VPE” was the name for the specific video decode engine in the GeForce FX series of GPUs. Newer GPUs have video decoders with various names – the “video” entry in the GPUUtilization attribute refers to whichever video decode engine happens to be in your particular GPU.