nvidia settings saved, but the configurations are reset uppon login


I have a 4-monitor setup and I just installed Linux Mint 19.2 Cinnamon.

I used the nvidia-settings application to adjust the order of the monitors.
I have saved the configuration file produced by the nvidia x server Settings as:

upon rebooting, the order of the monitors is adjusted correctly on the log-on screen.

The problem is that as soon as I log on, the monitor order is reset…

What have I missed? is there something I have to configure to apply the configuration file upon login?

Cinnamon has its own monitor manager which you’re working against by using nvidia-settings and xorg.conf to set the monitor arrangement. Remove all changes you made, then use cinnamon’s control-center.

Thank you for the reply, it sent me on the right track.

It seems Cinnamon’s Display settings overwrite nvidia’s configured ones upon login. I found other people complaining about this behavior:

If I remove nvidia’s configuration, the monitors become out of order on the login screen.

For the moment I will have both configurations done, it resolves my problem with the annoying monitor reordering before and after logon.

I got my answer after asking it on the Mint forum,

Cinnamon’s video configurations can be disabled, this way the xorg.config implemented settings do not get overwritten:


As a Cinnamon Dev I wouldn’t recommend using cinnamon-control-center (display) for nvidia setups, deleting ~/.config/monitors.xml and using the nvidia tool is the best solution.