nvidia-settings saving color correction settings broken

I’m running Fedora 22 and the latest drivers (352.21). If I run nvidia-settings and change the color correction settings, like Brightness and Contrast, and save the configuration, it saves the default values and not the values I set. This behavior is also in the last beta (352.09) and the previous driver version (349.16).

At first I thought this had something to do with Fedora 22 because I noticed the problem when I upgraded to 22. But, I normally do nvidia-settings --load-config-only on startup and don’t run nvidia-settings by itself very often so the problem may have existed for a while and I just never noticed it.

Also, this bug has existed and been fixed before. Maybe even more than once. I’ve attached nvidia-bug-report.log.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (400 KB)