nVidia Shield issues and flaws

   Hi you might think NVidia makes the best high end tablet on the market. and then if you do not want a iPad from apple. this might fit the bill. Think again. its a crash drama. for one thing it takes many years of experience building tablets. the only one with this experience is SAMSUNG! I never buy a tablet that Samsung made that failed out of the box. The SHIELD sucks. for one. all the video apps I installed crashed. stop working. I found out why. the firmware and hardware design is flaw. it cannot even update the firmware. crash error. then I turn it off. dose not turn on for 20 minutes. there is no 24/7 tech support. there is no reset the firmware to factory settings.

I spent 400.00 plus sales tax then I am angry as hell. I do not want to deal with it any more. its going back to the dealer there is nothing I can do. I looked it up on youtube and unable to get the instruction for the reset the firmware. its broken. design flaws crap pice of crap