Nvidia Shield Tablet 4G RAM Help

Good afternoon. I change RAM chips, read from this subject https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/924464/? comment=4974934. Chips too as in a subject were advised. The pad is launched, but sees still 2G. Help what next to do?


I have added 4 pieces of h5tc4g63afr to nvidia shield tablet, there have to be 4 gigabytes, but it is necessary to update the section BCT programmatically. blob.bin with the signature of nvidia is for this purpose necessary. I ask for help!http://fayloobmennik.cloud/7156028,http://fayloobmennik.cloud/7156029.

Not to wait for the help?

Is it possible to upgrade the ram of nvidia shield tablet k1 from 2G to 4G? It is really a nice tablet unless the ram is too small.