Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 - setenforce: Couldn't set enforcing status to '0': Permission denied

I’ve recently bought a shield tablet for profiling purposes and can’t connect TGD to it. I’ve search through forums and also tried using PerfHUDES instead with no luck.
The tablet is not rooted, USB debugging enabled and works fine (logs, shell connections are there and available). But when I try to launch TGD, it gives the following log:

And then it fails to inject .so files into the app when I try to launch it:

The forums say that the rooted device was needed before 2.4, but starting from 2.4 it’s not required. I have a 2.4.21613000 version.
Android version is 7.0
Is there anything I might have missed?

Is your apk debuggable?
Rooted device is not needed, but the apk must be debuggable on non-rooted devices for TGD to attach.

Changing my apk to a debug build helped and it seems working fine now, thanks.
It still prints errors about .so files when starting TGD, is that normal?

However, on my older tablet (nexus 7 2012 which have died recently) where I used PerfHUD ES, it wasn’t necessary for the app to be debuggable. Is there a way to use non-debuggable app to be profiled with TGD?