Nvidia-smi cannot connect to driver && no gui running

Hello, I am having Nvidia-smi failed error and no gui is currently running.

I have attached my nvidia-bug-report here.

Context on my error:

Ubuntu 20.04, 5.18.0-generic kernel, Nvidia RTX 3080 card (laptop), Nvidia-510 driver installed by

sudo apt-get install nvidia-driver-510

When I type nvidia-smi, it returned:

NVIDIA-SMI has failed because it couldn't communicate with the NVIDIA driver. Make sure that the latest NVIDIA driver is installed and running.

Thank you for your help!!


You have an incompatible kernel from mainline installed so the driver doesn’t compile. Please either switch back to the stock kernel or use the liquorix ppa to get a working, latest one.

May I ask which version of the kernel is the working and latest one?

I didn’t see version numbers in liquorix ppa, does it having only one version? And that version will work?


Not the kernel itself is incompatible but the repo you took it from. The liquorix repo is compatible.

I just installed the liquorix kernel per instruction, now my kernel version is listed as 5.17.0-11.1-liquorix-amd64.

This time nvida-smi is working properly, but it says no running process found and no GUI is present as well.

New bug report attached here

Thanks for your help!

Odd. All drivers are working fine, yet no gui. Please try

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Hi generix, I got it working!

There are a couple of things I tried:

  1. In my kernel parameters, there’s a =
nvidia.reg EnableBrightnessControl=1

That was added by me in some attempts to add brightness control to the system. I removed this parameter for future times.

  1. I added the nvidia-drm.modeset=1 into kernel parameters
  2. I installed lightdm by
sudo apt-get install lightdm

and select lightdm as the display server, instead of gdm3.

It’s working like a charm right now!

I also did some experiment on which display server to use. After the installation, if I chose gdm3 as the display server, there will just be a black screen and I can’t even enter the terminal. I suppose this is some problem related to gdm3? As gdm3 should be the default display server, I suppose.

Anyway, it’s working right now and thank you for your help!

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