nvidia-smi for S1070 Is there any?

We installed some S1070 and would like to monitor their temperature to make sure we don’t reduce them to some expensive copper nuggets. Therefore we tried to use nvidia-smi to get the temperature values, but sadly we found out that it only seems to support the older S870. Is there a version that will work with our S1070? Is there any other method to get the temperatures?

How are you invoking nvidia-smi ?
Are you stating that the nvidia-smi.log contains no data?
Which driver are you using?

I am invoking nvidia-smi without any parameters.

I upgraded to 180.06 as the 177.80 told me "Failed to get chip temperature for device 0xa55a0000, err 29 ". Now 180.06 claims “Could not get Thermal info!”. As I was for some reason expecting the tool to write the temperature to the console I thought it wasn’t working, and the help message only speaks of the old Tesla.

However now that you mention the log file … it seems to contain the temperatures. However only for the cores, the intake and exhaust temperatures as well as the fan readings are all at 0 and I know the fans are running. For the earlier driver only the LED state seems to be working. Thanks for the clarifacation.

Please try this driver:

I’ve filed bug 494135 for the issues with 180.06.

That one seems to work and properly report intake and fan status, too.