Nvidia-smi inconsistencies


I wanted to report some difficulty using nvidia-smi to manage MIG instances. Please advise if there’s a better avenue for this:

  • Commands that list or query information about GPUs allow you to specify the output format. For example: nvidia-smi --query-gpu=index,name,uuid --format=csv,noheader. This is very nice for getting machine-readable results, but there appears to be no such way to list MIG instances, so you have to parse the data out and hope the format doesn’t change. Could this option be added?
  • Less importantly, the CLI options get parsed inconsistently depending on which subcommand you’re using. The top level command documents the option “-i [ID]” or “–id=[ID]” to filter result by physical GPU card. But if you run “nvidia-smi -lgi” you have to format it as “–id [ID]” otherwise it won’t be recognized.