Nvidia-smi support for GPU Operation Mode

I have a few questions regarding the nvidia-smi command and NVidia cards in general:

  • Do the K80, V100, and T4 cards support displaying and modifying ‘GPU Operation Mode’ between ‘ALL_ON’ and ‘COMPUTE’?

  • Is there a list of Tesla cards that support displaying and modifying the ‘GPU Operation Mode’ with nvidia-smi 460.32.03? I am interested in the ‘ALL_ON’ and ‘COMPUTE’ modes.

  • Alternately, please specify the driver version from which GPU Operation Mode is supported on T4, K80 and V100 devices.

  • The available documentation on the web about ‘GPU Operation Mode’

    mentions the following:
    Supported on GK110 M-class and X-class Tesla products from the Kepler family. Not supported on Quadro and Tesla C-class products. Low Dou- ble Precision and All On modes are the only modes available for sup- ported GeForce Titan products.
    is for nvidia-smi 367.38.
    Is a similar document available for nvidia-smi 460.32.03?

Thanks in advance,
Rajarshi Das

It’s not supported on any products after Kepler (so not supported on V100, T4) and it was only supported on certain Kepler variants, not K80. It’s an old feature that only applied to certain cards.

Thanks @Robert_Crovella for sharing the information.
Is there a tweak that is available in order to enable GPU Operation Mode in ‘debug’ mode on a K80 ? Just for experimental purposes I mean.
Alternately, are there other ways in which I could get a GPU (specifically a T4 or a K80) to run in an equivalent of the older ALL_ON and COMPUTE modes?

No, and no. It’s a feature that is not applicable to the cards you are discussing.

Thank you @Robert_Crovella .