NVIDIA SMP Assist API for VR Programming

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-smp-assist-api-vr-programming/

The NVIDIA SMP (simultaneous multi-projection) Assist NVAPI driver extension is a simple method for integrating Multi-Res Shading and Lens-Matched Shading into a VR application. It encapsulates a notable amount of state setup and API calls into a simplified API, thereby substantially reducing the complexity of integrating NVIDIA VRWorks into an application. Specifically, the SMP Assist driver handles…

I checked the sample in SDK 2.6, but the combination of IS + Lens Matched Shading, IS + multi-res, IS + SMP Assist + multi-res is incompatible.
Why the sample assist code does not work with IS mode?

Expecting reply as soon as possible (urgent)

Hi, Sunil:

The writers of the post are looking into this and will get back to you fairly soon.


Loyd Case, Editor, Developer Tech Blog

Is the SM Assist API available for Turing architecture? It sounds like there is an enhanced version of SMP for RTX. Is that a separate branch of VR Works or something that will be available on both Pascal and Turing???

And The SMP Assist API, currently available for only DirectX11 applications? not 12?

Yes. Currently available for DX11 applications only.

SMP Assist API supports MRS as well as LMS with Instanced Stereo mode. The SDK sample code does not implement all of the combinations.