Nvidia splitscreen driver bug

Hello Nvidia Community,

I have a problem with my Nvidia Driver for my Nvidia Geforce G105M.

My OS: Elementary OS Loki 64 Bit (Based on Ubuntu 16.04)
graphics card: Nvidia Geforce G105M
Driver version: 340.101

Nvidia Driver used #1

Nvidia Driver used #2

Nouveau Driver used

As you can see in the attached screenshots, instead of one screen, I’m experiencing some kind of messed up splitscreen (3x2 screens) with wrong proportions and a black bar. The black bar is vertically dividing each set of 3 screens.

I also reinstalled my OS and tryed out some install methodes to install the driver. All with the same result.

hope you can help me out. I really want to use the Nvidia Driver instead of Nouveau.


Can you please run “nvidia-xconfig --mode-debug”, restart the X server, run nvidia-bug-report.sh, and then attach the resulting nvidia-bug-report.log.gz file here?

This symptom looks typical for a laptop display with a broken or missing EDID, where the driver falls back to the default resolution which isn’t correct for that display.