Nvidia t1000

I was looking at the support table over on VMWare’s website for NVIDIA graphics (vDGA) and I don’t see the NVIDIA T1000 in the list. I can see the P2000, which is a similar product. Is this an oversight? I think the T1000 is classed as a Quadro, one of the many variants NVIDIA pumps out when they’re optimising binning. I assume it’ll therefore use Quadro drivers, so should in theory be VMWare ESXi compatible.

I’m looking for something in the P2000 class that’s still in production and available you see.

Nvidia is not responsible for the supported GPU list at VMWare. Technically every RTX GPU >=2000er series should work with PT but testing and support needs to be given from the hypervisor vendor.

Yes, I understand it’s VMWare that responsible. I thought maybe an oversight. Anyway we’ve decided to go with RTX 4000 instead for this application, so I guess the question is now of academic interest only.