NVIDIA T4 on ubuntu won't boot

I have installed a T4 in my ubuntu 16.04 server and it won’t boot. Also, the T4 is very hot to the touch. I get that without a fan it may feel hot to the touch but the computer’s video output doesn’t show anything where as without the T4 it boots just fine. The other NVIDIA cards I have (e.g., 1080Ti) work just fine just fine as well. Looking for suggestions on troubleshooting… Or am I missing something regarding the compatibility of the T4 in standard PCIe Gen3 x16 slots with Intel Xeon Silver Processor?

The T4 is built for servers, so it doesn’t have a fan but it needs one which is provided by the server casing. If you use it in a desktop/workstation system, you need a special add-on fan.

Thanks. This chassis is designed to cool 5kW. What is bothering me is that it boots fine (within 1min) without the T4, but when I put one of the T4 GPUs in the system I get no indication that it is booting after 5 min even though the fans are blowing as expected. I’m going to test the T4 in another server but how would the T4 prevent the server from displaying its booting process/post? There isn’t a display output on the T4. I haven’t had any issues with the PCIe slots using NVMe cards, other NVIDIA GPUs, or NIC cards. I’m having trouble finding documentation on the T4 as well.

That shouldn’t happen. Did you try to ssh into the system to check if maybe the on-board graphics became disabled? in that case, check your bios for an option regarding graphics.