Nvidia Tegra Note 7 P1640 Kernel OpenSource

Hello when does nvidia plan to release the Kernel as open source?

Reason i ask is because Android 4.4.2 is bugged as hell (luckily i can go back to 4.3 without use of APX!!)

You stated that you have fixed the SDCard write issue which is not 100% perfect as some Apps2SD applications either fail to work or better still stops systemui from fully loading.

I have sent many e-mails and have not as yet even got a response from the mobile team.

The tablet is great but the implementation of android in the current state of play is completely unoptimised. Having seend loads of errors during boot from the NVSD trying to control the CPU’s and can not is just a tip of most of the bugs.

So please Open Source the kernel so we can have a Optimised OS / Custom OS if your worried about the hidden SBK Key too late i have already cracked that open when i OTA’s up to 4.4.2 its amazing what turning off the wifi after downloading and then pressing Reboot & Install button does which is to go looking for the SecureID.

So please please release the kernel sources. Thank you!