NVidia Tegra Note 7 P1988 (NVidia Resources website directs to harmful image)

Hi there,

I recently bought a used TN7C from Ebay and wanting to return to stock followed the instructions on the NVidia Open Source/Resources website to download a recovery image. I flashed what appeared to be the latest image available: OTA 2.5 and now it will only boot into APX mode. I poked about the config for the files after flashing and found out that the image Nvidia provided was actually for the older P1640. I’ve attached a picture that shows that the website advertises the image for the P1988 model with no declaration or indication about the P1460 variant other than a disclaimer about why it’s not available at the top.

I looked further into APX mode and found that EVGA had released a proprietary nvflash and so I tried to flash components of OTA 3.0 (again from Nvidia) but it hangs after detecting the chip. I see other people have had a similar problem over the years with no solution but I was advised to ask here.

Is there any way to bring my device back to health?

Best regards,