Nvidia Tegra2 250 (T20) Acer Iconia A200 ARX Mode NVFlash Recovery

I have a tablet Acer iconia Tab A200 stitched with the latest firmware
the message on the screen was a red msc error bootloader.blob
and all the tablet does not respond Black Diode LED is on and the dispatcher is writing USB translated ARX
How to recover files if I do not have flash.bct files flash.cfg bootloader.bin

the driver is Nvflash, nvsbktool, wheelie

Tema, Ukraine 2018

SBK key found, the tablet went to restore procedure further writes

failed executing command 26 NvError 0x120002
command failure: sync failed (bad data)
bootloader status: Bct Write Failed (code: 22) message: nverror:0x42008 (0x6042008) flags: 0

Flash 32GB seems to have died?