NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter 2020 | Texture Arrays

When I load a DDS packed with more than one slice, only the 1st is loaded in the stand-alone tool. Would be useful to load all the slices of the array and review them changing image with arrow keys for example. Or, in case of PS plugin, load all the packed textures of the arrays in different layers numbered incrementally.

The only tool with GUI able to directly import/export (assemble) this type of DDS is DXTex (from the DX9 SDK).
I’m asking if support for texture arrays is planned or not for the new exporter.
Thank you.

Hi alpha_omega,

Thanks for the feature suggestion! This does seem useful, and we’re thinking about it. I like the suggestion of using the arrow keys for navigating between array slices. There is a bit of ambiguity from the Photoshop standpoint where if we wanted to let the user write texture arrays, different Photoshop layers could correspond to different mips (if we wanted to let the user author their own mips), or could instead correspond to different array elements. But reading from DDS files would be unambiguous in any case. I think I have an idea of how writing texture arrays would work for the standalone version, though.

Best regards,