NVIDIA Texture Tools Exporter mip-maps load-save


I cannot seem to find a way to manually alter mip-maps and re-save the DDS the way I used to be able to do in the older version. I need to do some changes to the mip-maps in both RGB and Alpha channels in both alpha-for-transparency and alpha-is-data cases. Am I missing something in the new UI? TY

Hi mrx1979!

Yes, there isn’t a way to do this in the newer version, but I’ll probably be adding tools for this in the future. Would it be possible to let me know what kinds of operations you perform on higher mips so that I can design for that? Thanks!

Hi and thanks for the answer. I use mip-map altering for several reasons - one and partially covered in the new exporter - thin transparent textures like branches for example, but with a bit more control over each mip level and separately for RGB and alpha channels . Second - de-tiling of tilable textures in mip levels including height maps in alpha channel. And third - cases were mip-maps are used to visually diagnose mip levels on screen during render or to store values directly related to mip level # in it’s alpha channel