Nvidia Texture Tools Exporter photoshop alpha

Nvidia Texture Tools Exporter Photoshop plugin doesn’t save alpha channel without extra steps. Is there ever going to be fix for this or can you provide fix for the old photoshop plugin so it works with new photoshop. Right now it requires flattening image and shift clicking all of the channels plus alpha to get it to work properly. When prototyping lot of textures this causes tons of wasted time.

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Hi lisnja24!

I had another question about this recently - I’m going to try to see if I can get this to work in the next version of the Texture Tools Exporter.


Also having the same issue. OP’s workaround is ok… but rapid prototyping is a nightmare. this was working until January, but now no dice. Do we have a timeline for a update to the Texture Exporter?

Hi all - good news: we just released version 2021.1.1 of the Texture Tools Exporter, which should fix this (and adds several other things; please see the release notes for more info)!

If you’re interested in some notes on this, I’ve written a bit more about this bug in this post on the main thread.