I am currently trying to get my HL 7549 LTE from M2M Connectivity running with the TK1 and it is not currently recognized on my serial ports.
2 Options:

  • The HL 7549 is not compatible with the TK1, in this case could you please provide me with a list of LTE supplier compatible with the TK1?
  • The TK1 has a driver problem, maybe in the Kernel?

I would be grateful if you can provide me with some advice or material that I should be using.

Thank you very much.

I am not familiar with the 7549, it appears to be a 3G wireless device. Do you have a product web page to refer to for a description (e.g., it might give the chipset and other specs)?

Generally speaking for wireless, you’d need the extra firmware package which helps configure the device, along with the driver to make the device available. Then any program which is meant to work with the device (which might also need to be installed) could use the device. Most devices do not have the driver installed by default, nor the firmware, although quite often a kernel module can simply be built and added to an existing kernel.

So far as “compatibility” goes, the question is usually whether there is a Linux driver available for the device at all, and secondarily, whether the device is available under ARMv7 architecture (some drivers do not care about architecture, others must be ported to each architecture). Quite often the key to answering this is knowing the chipset.

You mentioned serial port recognition as well, you may actually mean a different port, as the DB-9 serial port connector on Jetson runs a serial console and is not available for other devices. I do not know of any serial port requirements on any of the wireless cards. Again, a URL referencing what the card specs are would help to understand this.

Thanks for this answer, this is a link of the HL 7549 LTE:

I am not sure if there is extra firmware package because it seemed to be recognized the first time I plugged it in and now it is no longer recognized at all, even with a new board and a new module…

The LTE supplier advised to connect the TK1 and type the following command:

ls /dev/tty ACM*

But I only get a “No such file or directory” message…

Could you also please suggest another LTE module compatible with the NVIDIA TK1 so I could test them as well?

Thank you very much.

You’ll probably find this link useful for looking at known working WiFi type adapters:

From what I can see the adapter you currently have is somewhat new, so it might not have a driver. Firmware can be important for having a device show up, as some of the settings for wireless devices may not be hard coded (which means devices can be upgraded later, and also means they can follow more than one standard, depending on location in the world, e.g., Australia versus USA). Does “lspci” show this device?

FYI, I see a note about a UART. PCIe devices (as well as USB) can consist of more than one device on a single physical card. It is possible for each device to be treated separately, so far as kernel driver software is concerned. One configuration may make the card work for its primary function, yet need some for of additional driver or configuration for remaining hardware on that same board. A verbose listing from “lspci -v” (assuming the device shows up with just plain lspci) could aid understanding what the card’s requirements are.

I noticed in your command for the /dev listing that there was an extraneous space in “tty ACM”. Probably this is just a typo, but make sure your “ls” command does not have any space between “tty” and “ACM”. A better command might be:

ls /dev/tty* | grep ACM