NVIDIA Toolkit

Hi all, I downloaded the NVIDIA Toolkit 4.1 recently and had it installed on my computer. As I am using a remote GPU, I do not have one in my local system. What I Want to do is to write code and compile it properly then send the .exe file to the remote GPU for running the code. Is it possible for me to write code by just installing the toolkit and not the driver? The remote GPU has all the necessary drivers installed. If it’s possible, how do I integrate this with VS2010? thanks for you help!

You can not run on linux binaries compiled with Visual Studio. You would need some kind of cross compiler which is not provided with VS.

You can definitely write code and compile just with the toolkit. Also in VS 2010, add a custom build step in which you copy the .exe to your remote windows machine(Map your Remote machine drive to Z: or something and let VS2010 copy it to your destination folder using 'copy example.exe Z:…).

To run this on Tesla cards remotely using Windows Remote Desktop, you need to enable TCC mode as described here.

The remote machine is running linux

Run an X-server on your Windows box and edit/compile using the Linux desktop

He wants to use Visual Studio to compile and run it on a linux remote server.
In theory you would need 2 things:

  1. a compiler which produces linux binaries (if it exists)
  2. run putty with security certificates and have it connect and run on the remote server.

OK! … but then he is roadkill. Case closed