NVIDIA UEFI/ACPI Experimental Firmware UEFI readme link does not work

Hello Team,

See this => https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads#?search=UEFI


  • can you please fix it and provide the correct link ?

  • Also can you specify here what new features has been added in the latest 1.1.2 version ?

    1. can UEFI show the messages on screen without serial console ? Earlier versions restrict only to the serial console.
    2. Are the Graphics driver added ? for example will the accelerated graphical desktop of Linux would work (X11 or wayland) ?


Hi yogeshbabar420,

For NVIDIA UEFI, you could just refer to the GitHub source as following:
GitHub - NVIDIA/edk2-nvidia: NVIDIA EDK2 platform support

You could refer to the following thread to remove the log messages on the screen.
Jetson Xavier NX L4T 35.1 suppress bootloader messages on THS0 - #4 by KevinFFF

Hello Kevin,

Thanks for your response but I am afraid to say that it does not answer my queries. Also can you please fix the missing link so that I can get the information which I am looking for.


We are checking with the internal about this UEFI_Readme link not work issue.
Please wait for the update.

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I just wanted to check if you have received any response from the concerned team ? If to fix the broken link is going to take some time then you can redirect me to any other portal (like github) where the correct UEFI_readme is hosted.


Sorry, I haven’t got any updates from internal.
I think you could just refer to the wiki page of GitHub UEFI source.
You could find out how to setup build environment and update UEFI image.


I will explore the given UEFI wiki page but you please pursue internally and fix the broken link. As this is very important for many nVidia customers like me. I will follow back in next 2 days.


Hello Team,

Any progress on the broken link ?


The broken link started working.
marking it as resolved.

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