NVIDIA Uses Ubuntu 18.04 and comes with Babel 1.7.0

When Ubuntu 18.04 was downloaded via SDK Manager to Xavier it included Babel 1.7.0 (ADOV) protocol.
Public forum for Babel says that version is OLD and deprecated, current stable version is 1.9.1.
Do you agree? Should i install the 1.9.1 version over 1.7.0? I noticed the -L logging command line option does NOT generated a log in /var/log.

For Babel, do you mean

Don’t see other forum posts talking about it. Please share more information.

This one:


I suppose it is Ubuntu loading it:

apt-cache search babeld
sudo apt search babeld
sudo apt install babeld

Goes to Ubuntu and downloads and installs the babel protocol version 1.7.0.

It was recommended by babel developer forum to run 1.9.1, the latest stable version.

The package versions are decided by Ubuntu apt commands. I guess 1.7.0 should be more stable with Ubuntu 18.04 but probably other experts can give opinion. If Babel package is not sensitive to Ubuntu version, you can upgrade and try.

By the way, NVIDIA packages are sensitive to release versions and we have SDKManager to handle it.