"nvidia-vgpu-vfio.ko" unavailable in Ubuntu focal 20.04 packages

I am unable to find the nvidia-vgpu-vfio.ko in Ubundu package for Focal 20.04.

I have tried to install several milestones of the v470 (server, dkms, nodkms, headless, downloaded sources package and find for file like vfio), also on the ubuntu packages search engine, but I actually couldn’t find it.

I have successfully used KVM guest with the manual driver installation from NVIDIA (which provide the kernel module), but using a manual installation of this driver on dozen of servers is a kind of show stopper here, I would prefer to have it installed from a distribution package to ease deployment and management on the long term.

Which Ubuntu package provide the nvidia-vgpu-vfio.ko module, and if not at all is there a reason to not providing it via Ubuntu packaging system ?