NVidia video driver adjustability?

Currently have multimedia set-up connected to an older Toshiba LCD TV. Everything about my set-up works well, even though the TV is one of the early LCD TV’s. It is a 40" unit, but when connected to any video card, it consistently reports as 47", and herein lies my issue. Toshiba has never provided a firmware code update for the TV to report correctly (I have requested same repeatedly since I purchased it).

I have been using AMD/ATI video cards due to the capability of its software to manually adjust resolution (pixels and refresh rate). I can tune the card to an optimal resolution to get every bit of performance out of the display unit.

I have an NVidia card on another application (a more modern, but bare-bone TV {Westinghouse from Microcenter}) and it works beautifully. A TV comparable to features on the Toshiba will cost considerably more, however.

Does NVidia have software that can perform the same functions as offered by AMD/ATI driver (Catalyst).

I haven’t seen this option available from NVidia. Does it offer anything comparable?

Thnx4 this thread kasper359.this feature is really important for Videos .