NVIDIA Visual Profiler 5.5:

Hi there,

I am using nvvp 5.5 on a K20. I am following the guide steps but when I try to run this part:

Performance-Critical-Kernels: Performance Kernel Analysis for the most problematic kernel I get:

Insufficient Kernel Bounds Data.
The data needed to calculate compute, memory, and latency bounds for the kernel could not be collected.

Another thing that I do not understand is why I am getting large gaps between kernel calls (I DID NOT compile with -G option, just standard compilation with -O3):

Could anyone help me with this, please?

Thank you very much !!


I am running a Montecarlo algorithm, and I realised that if I run about 200 - 300 iterations it works correctly (about 3 or 4 seconds) , but not with 800 or 900 (8 or 9 seconds: Insufficient Kernel Bounds Data)

So, is there a timeout for the profiler ?

I do not have time limit set on the GPU:
Run time limit on kernels: No

Thanks !

Did you run it with the debugger? It could be that your kernel threw an exception somewhere in the middle of computation (memory bounds, etc). Also do you do any work on the CPU during the gap?