Nvidia Visual Profiler doesn't running python script

Hello everyone,

I am running the python script in two ways. The first one is from the command line and while trying to get all possible metrics seems never ends. Command: nvprof -o metrics.prof -f --metrics all python ‘my_python_file.py’. If I use the command just for a single metric such as flop_count_sp doesn’t provide any statistics nor run the script for more details. So I tried another method. In the second try I opened the visual profiler, started a new session edit the settings:

  • Toolkit/ Script: CUDA Toolkit 11.5 (/usr/bin/)
  • File: venv/python3 file
  • Working directory: My working directory
  • Environment: my_python_script.py

Driver Version: 525.125.06
CUDA Version: 12
GPU: GTX 1070

Unfortunately NVDIA Nsighs Compute and Graphics are not supporting my GPU, maybe an older version.

Why is not running the script from the Visual Profiler?