NVIDIA VRSS, a Zero-Effort Way to Improve Your VR Image Quality

Originally published at: https://developer.nvidia.com/blog/nvidia-vrss-a-zero-effort-way-to-improve-your-vr-image-quality/

The Virtual Reality (VR) industry is in the midst of a new hardware cycle – higher resolution headsets and better optics being the key focus points for the device manufacturers. Similarly on the software front, there has been a wave of content-rich applications and an emphasis on flawless VR experiences for the end user. With…

What VRSS titles were added with 442.19 ?

Hey Nvidia Devs,

VRSS is interesting technology, but the latest driver releases seems to have forgot this feature. No new games were listed, neither new blog articles coming out about this topic. I'm show some love for VRSS: please keep up with it and try to improve and made it widely adopted! I can't wait for it!

Hi Tommaso,
Thank you for your enthusiastic interest in VRSS! We are currently evaluating different games and applications for VRSS based on image quality improvements. Stay tuned…

Could a developer explain this one to me, this feature makes no sense at all. In steamVR the entire game is already supersampled based on the users settings, usually 150% on native resolution and then the image is distorted to fit the lens profile and rendered onto the headsets native resolution. Turning on VRSS would improve the quality of the centre of the image a bit however that still needs to be distorted and mapped to the lens profile which would cause image degradation.

I would much prefer a setting that would allow under sampling of the image parts that are outside of the centre of view. Then the entire game could be super sampled at 200% and reduce the quality loss when the image is distorted to fit the lens native resolution.

zero effort, zero result
I am working in Unity and when I try to set the Nvidia 3D settings panel to use VRSS, it says that it is not possible for this application…
MSAA is set in my application.