NVIDIA vtk volume stereo rendering crash

Hi there,

I am new to vtk and I try to get a volume rendering working with stereoscopic 3D. When I add a volume before the first rendering, everything works fine.
When I add a volume after the scene has already been rendered one or more times, my application crashes. The stack trace says that the crash is in nvidia libraries, but I don’t think it is an NVIDIA problem. When I disable stereo 3D rendering (I use type “crystaleyes” for NVIDIA shutter), everything works as expected.
I am using vtk-5.8. Does anyone have an idea what I am doing wrong?


I am using vtk for a long time now. It has some minor bugs with stereo 3D and I ran into the same problem. I am just disabling stereo at the beginning and call SetStereoRender(1) after the first volume was rendered. Sometime I had to wait for second render and enable stereo after that (@vtk guys… WHY? :) ). vtk-5.8 is not the most recent version but also in the newest this bug seems to be existent.

What I said is just a workaround, but it fixed my problem (seems to be a stable workaround).

Oh thanks replying so fast :)
I will try your workaround. I cannot use a newer vtk because I work in a (big) company where they don’t want to upgrade ATM… but if I understood your statements correctly, that doesn’t matter in this case.

Again, thank you!

I also read a thread somewhere else about that problem, and they also used that workaround.
I was just looking for that thread but I was unable to find it. But it seems to work for me (using vtk-5.7).