NVidia WebDriver-387. Signature/Certificate invalid. GPU Kexts unable to install/load

Does anybody in here got information about this issue?
For sure this topic is placed into wrong thread, feel free to correct me.

From MacVidCards, Europe (June 5, 2022):


NVIDIA would probably renew the certificate tomorrow (Monday). You can try changing the computer date to somewhere in April to see if this helps.

Marek Zakrzewski
MacVidCards Europe"

Hello @masterprofi and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

Thank you for bringing this issue up with us. NVIDIA is aware of it and knows the root cause. Sadly it was not as simple as renewing the license with Apple. There is work ongoing to give instructions on how to address this issue, but it might still take a bit until it is published. In the meantime there are unofficial workarounds in other non-NVIDIA forums that can be applied, but I cannot link to them directly, I hope you understand.

When we have confirmation on a public fix we will post it in this forum as well.