NVIDIA Webinar — Breaking New Frontiers in Robotics and Edge Computing with AI

Breaking New Frontiers in Robotics and Edge Computing With AI
Develop Autonomous Robots and Other Intelligent Machines with NVIDIA Jetson TX2

Thursday, July 20, 2017
1:00pm – 2:00pm EST

Following up our previous webinar Embedded Deep Learning, tune into the latest talk from the series, Breaking New Frontiers in Robotics and Edge Computing with AI. This NVIDIA webinar will cover the latest tools and techniques to deploy advanced AI at the edge, including Jetson TX2 and TensorRT. Get up to speed on recent developments in robotics and deep learning.

By participating you’ll learn:

  • How to build high-performance, energy-efficient embedded systems
  • Workflows for training AI in the cloud and deploying at the edge
  • The latest upcoming JetPack release and its performance improvements
  • Real-time deep learning primitives for autonomous navigation
  • NVIDIA’s latest Isaac Initiative for robotics

Slides — available here.


During this webinar, you mentioned that NVIDIA has datasets of aerial imagery and cityscape imagery for training deep learning networks. Where are these datasets available?

Hi AVintern, the aerial segmentation dataset is available on GitHub (also see a list of other aerial datasets available).

Cityscapes is available through https://www.cityscapes-dataset.com/ and Synthia is available through http://synthia-dataset.net/