NVIDIA WLAN/BT Test Tools for TX2 Radio Certification


We have a product that integrates the NVIDIA Jetson TX2 as the main processor. We are applying for FCC, RED, CE etc. certification where we confirm that the integration of the TX2 into our product does not change the EMC / radio performance of the TX2.

To complete the radio testing we need to transmit on the top, middle and bottom channels and also select which WiFi channels are in use. After reading the TX2 datasheet, the OEM Wireless Compliance Guide and many NVIDIA forum posts, I believe that NVIDIA or Cypress will provide my certifying partner with the WLAN/BT test tools required to achieve this functionality.

How can I get the WLAN test tools provided to our certification partner? Is there someone in particular at Cypress I should be in contact with if NVIDIA can’t provide the tools?

Peter F

Please consult with those recognized certification lab who already have NDA with NVIDIA,
You can find those info from the OEM Wireless Compliance Guide.


Hi Kayccc,

Okay, and what if I have already chosen a certification lab who does not hold an NDA with NVIDIA? How am I supposed to tell which certification labs already have an NDA with NVIDIA?

In the OEM Wireless Compliance Guide it says:

“The WLAN/BT test tools will be provided to authorized certification partners under NDA, upon request.”

This sounds like any large, well established certification lab should be able to be recognised by NVIDIA and provided with an NDA.

Please can you advise me on your suggested action to take if my chosen certification lab doesn’t currently hold an NDA with NVIDIA? Thanks.


I had a look and the OEM Wireless Compliance Guide doesn’t even specify any certification labs that have an NDA with NVIDIA in the EU or US sections of the guide?

Hi Kaycc,

Any update on this?


Please check the section FCC (U.S.) AND ISEC (CANADA) CERTIFICATION GUIDANCE and EU CERTIFICATION GUIDANCE at Jetson TX1-TX2 OEM Wireless Compliance Guide

Hi Kayccc,

Okay, so as I understand it, if I have picked a certification lab that does NOT already hold an NDA with NVIDIA, I will not be able to complete the radio portion of the compliance testing with them. Is that accurate?

Is there anything else that can be done about this? Will I simply have to cancel my testing with my current certfication lab partner and choose a different one instead?

Looking forward to your reply.
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HI Kayccc,

Any update on my previous question?



No, only those listed lab can help.