Nvidia xavier board is not working


I am Using Jetson Xavier AGX board having (8GB RAM).

GPU was working fine since last 6 months, suddenly got Turned OFF and not working.

When I turned ON GPU, fan is not working and as well as that GPU is also not working.

if I connected with display, there was nothing on the display. I tried with multiple monitors, here I got to knew that GPU is not working.

I was working ON that GPU since 3 months, my whole work and data is in internal memory(Home) and I don’t have any backup for data. How Can I recover that data without any disturbance or loss of data.

Is it possible to recover data from GPU, If possible please assist me to get data without any loss.

Will that GPU work again. If it will please assist me how to Turn ON GPU back.

Thank You,

Please check the uart log first.

Also, try with the clone method to see if you can still access the emmc.

Here are some notes on cloning the rootfs partition…

  • The host PC needs a lot of spare disk space. The clone produces one file the exact size of the rootfs partition (a “raw” file), e.g., 28GB, and a “sparse” image is also created (size depends on how filled the partition was).
  • Raw images can be loopback mounted, used for flash, examined, modified, so on…just as if it is an actual hard drive partition.
  • Sparse images are typically used only for flash. There is a utility “mksparse” which can be used to create a sparse image from a raw image (using a “NULL” fill byte) if you choose, so I delete any sparse clone image.
  • Raw images and sparse images can be used for flash, but a larger file takes longer to flash…thus the reason for sparse images (speed of flash).
  • A typical clone command, with the AGX in recovery mode and the USB-C connected to the Linux host PC, run from the “Linux_for_Tegra/” directory of the PC which has lots of spare disk space:
    • sudo ./flash.sh -r -k APP -G my_backup.img jetson-xavier mmcblk0p1
      (which produces raw file “my_backup.img.raw” and sparse file “my_backup.img”)

If you have a raw image and want to know how to use this for copy and other uses on the Linux PC just ask.

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