NVIDIA Xavier heating information


I am using NVIDIA Jetson Xavier and I plan to experiment by running an inference real-time continuously for a couple of days. Is there any potential threat to the device due to heating?

Thank you!

My “feel” on the topic is that there is no threat. The unit is designed to throttle back if heating, and typically this generates only a tiny amount of heat compared to a desktop PC, even when maxed out. This doesn’t mean it wouldn’t shut down if overheated, but if your thermal solution is valid you would probably need to be in a more extreme environment for that to occur (e.g., in a closed and unvented chassis).

If you go here (you may need to log in, not sure):
…then select Xavier product and search for the word “thermal” you will find:


In particular check the thermal design guide.

If you are just running a dev kit on a desktop at normal room temperature there is no risk of actual damage (do use a surge protector though).

Thank you linuxdev, that helps!