NVIDIA XAVIER MODULE for Image sensors using CSI-2

How easy it would be to utilize the NVIDIA JETSON
AGX XAVIER MODULE (16x) CSI-2 Lanes for aggregating multiple Image sensors like Hamamatsu CMOS or CCD to a single PC?

No really understand your question here.
If you want to design your own sensor board have a check the camera design guide from download center or consult with camera partner purchase it.

HI Shane,
Thanks a lot for your response.
The data sheet of NVIDIA JETSON AGX XAVIER MODULE - A NEW AI MILESTONE FOR AUTONOMOUS MACHINES shows the below table. My question is the CSI 16x lanes. Can it be used to read 16 image sensors?

With virtual channel can support to 16 image sensors only support to 6 image sensors without virtual channel.

Hi Shane,
Please guide me for 6 image sensors option without virtual channel to be interfaced through single link to a PC. Highly appreciate your help. Can it be daisy chained to multiples of 6 using a switch or hub?

Do you what to output the 6 sensors preview from AGX Xavier to PC?

Yes Shane.
Also if possible use three AGX Xavier with 6 sensors each on it to PC

Yes, you can. Have consult with camera partner to get the HW for 6 camera sensors HW design.
And then you can use rtsp to streaming the image to PC via network.

We are almost to the bottom of this. Thanks a lot Share.!
The sensors that we are considering is of Hamamatsu CMOS. How do I locate the Camera partner who uses the Hamamatsu CMOS, if I may know please.

Have below link to contact with them.

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