Nvidia Xavier Nx motherBoard Issues

I think you misunderstood something. There is no one to help check your issue if this is hardware problem after the RMA.

We need to clarify it here first.

For hardware connection, please tell us what pins are in use instead of attaching pictures.

For text log like dmesg, please attach as text file.

In brief, do not share anything as a photo unless we ask you to share such format.

Also, have you flashed your board with sdkmanager before?

I try to use usb-ttl to check the uart log as shown in the below video.

[Jetson Nano Style - Serial Console - JetsonHacks

I got the following output:
dmesgFollow (91.7 KB)
serialConsole (43.6 KB)

ı have flashed image file to sd card as shown in this link:Getting Started With Jetson Xavier NX Developer Kit | NVIDIA Developer


I don’t need the dmesg from “your host”. I need the dmesg from the jetson NX…

And just need to tell you that… when you were able to dump the “serialConsole” log here… your UART is already proven still working… because these serial log is from UART…

yes it does, but there are some warnings and leaks on the gnd port.


I have to tell you that your serialConsole log is just a partial log. That is why I request your dmesg so that we can check if there is really something wrong.

How can I get dmsg from NX?

Why are you asking something that you already tried?

The problem is I need the full text file log so need you to dump it out from your NX and then attach it here.

You can also use the UART serial console to operate if you don’t want to use the console on the HDMI.

I sent you a picture of it, but now you want it in text format.

Your “picture” did not cover the full log… so I need full text. Is it easier to understand now?

its here
dmesg.log (72.9 KB)


There is no software error from the dmesg. Please clarify what is the exact problem you want to ask here.

In your first comment, you said “RX, TX and Uart ports, we cannot see the sensor data”. What kind of sensor is in use here?

Since you can dump the serial console log from uart, I think this is more like a configuration problem instead of a hardware problem.

we have problem GND pin .We are also having a problem with the GND pin.
Xavier closes when we plug it in…we are thinking the card is not working properly
we use ultrasonıic sensor for measuring distance

Are you talking about “Xavier turns off” when you plug the GND pin?

yes.its true.can you connect remote to Xavier if we supply the connection

We don’t do such debug here. Our hardware folks will reply this thread soon.