Nvidias latest "Game ready update" causes "blue screen of death" in win10

hi, my machine(asus zenbook 15) was running just fine on windows 10 before i installed new game ready driver,

now in the interval of 3 hours or 20 minutes, my laptop crashes and im greeted with blue screen of death,
time of crash is completely random, and error messages are too.(i see the word “WATCHDOG” a lot in error messages)

specs are :
8 gig ddr4 ram,
512gb ssd (samsung)
GTX 1050 (4gb)
Intel core i5 8th gen.

is there a safe way to uninstall said driver, or any other solutions that may be helpful?
im open to everything, since i can get no work done in fear of losing progress.


edit: before anyone points out, my Disk and Display drivers are all up to date. so is windows.