Nvidia's LHR Policy

All LHR graphics cards were 100% unlocked when two coins were mined.
Ethereum mining performance developers have pushed the LHR lock up to at least 85% with high power consumption.
The LHR lock is completely useless because the cards are still bought and used for mining.
It simply consumes more power with less performance.
Too bad about the expensive and valuable power that NVIDIA senselessly destroys through their policy. It harms the environment and miners as well as gamers are offended.
Scalpers earn a golden nose because they bought graphics cards without LHR at the right time.

But what does NVIDIA want to achieve with this? More graphics cards for gamers?

NO !!!

The LHR lock causes a 50% performance drop (thanks to the developers who break the LHR lock for the little people)
NVIDIAS goal is to sell twice as many graphics cards and make even more money from this situation.

Why is it bad for the poor little people ? Because big Ethereum miners are built on ASIC.

I hope for a rethink from NVIDIA’s side so that not even more power is dissolved into thin air and the LHR lock is finally deleted.
NVIDIA makes the crisis even worse because twice as many graphics cards are sold to miners to get the same mining performance. So twice as many graphics cards will end up on the market after the hype as in 2017 and NVIDIA will sell twice as few cards as in 2018. NVIDIA has achieved exactly the opposite of what they wanted. But soon there will be the bill for NVIDIA at the latest when Ethereum switches to Proof of Stake. So PLEASE NVIDIA delete the LHR lock.