nView Virtual Monitors (Gridlined/Split Screen) browser full screen mode (F11)

First of all, apologies if this was mentioned somewhere else, I’ve done my best to search the forums and i couldn’t find any.

simply put: not sure if it is improper nView Desktop Manager configuration, a missing feature or just the way it works:

Suppose you have a 4K monitor, you spilt it into 4 x 1080 grids, you drag a chrome tab into one of the quarters, you maximize/snap it using nView Desktop manager, no worries.

Trying to go full screen on youtube (or F11), it expands to the original monitor borders instead of the grid-lines, I tried all the options on nView on/off, no difference.

To make sure this is not a driver limitation, a product called Virtual Display Manager (VDM) www.ishadow.com/vdm is able to achieve that.

a link of what i am trying to achieve (working by Virtual Display Manager)


Hi Mesh,

Currently, that feature is not in available in NView at the moment. However, we will consider the possibility of adding that feature you’ve requested in the future.

Ryan Park


Is there any development on the requested feature?
It would be very useful.

Thank you.