nvinfer relative paths

I noticed relative paths don’t work with nvinfer’s path properties. Does the same apply from inside the config file? The problem I’m running into is that my IDE copies files to a unique /tmp/subfolder and it’s more difficult to use an absolute path*.

I have a few workarounds in mind (copying the config and associated files someplace static manually, or calculating the absolute path at runtime), but I figured I’d suggest the change for the next version of DeepStream if possible. Ideally, I’d like my app to be installable/runnable to/from any location and relative path support would sure make it easier.

Edit*: it appears specify an absolute path with CLion as well, so that’s another solution.

Which property are you talking about, and which version of DeepStream?

On DeepStream 4.0,
I have used relative paths without any problem for model-engine-file, config-file-path, and paths set in the config.

deepstream-test1~4.c use relative paths for their config-file-path, and paths inside as well.

Hmm. I’m not sure what’s going on then.

I think i see why. Birbcam.cfg is in the parent directory of the generation path. I’m silly. I’m going to try a … and see if it’s found. Thanks! It works!