Nvivafilter getting caps in Init function, and is there a deInit

Hi everyone!
I was playing around with the nvivafilter plugin. In the post_process
, gpu_process, and pre_process functions one can easily access the width, height, and pitch of the buffers. Is there a way to access this information in the init function?

extern "C" void init(CustomerFunction * pFuncs) {

	//width = ?, where width would be some sort of global
	pFuncs->fPreProcess = pre_process;
	pFuncs->fGPUProcess = gpu_process;
	pFuncs->fPostProcess = post_process;

Another question: is there a deInit function that is called at clean-up? For instance I use the nppRemap function, so I store a global constant x-map and y-map, which I would like to clean up at the end.

If anyone has some tips, I would appreciate!


No. You need to get the information in process callbacks.

We have it supported from r28.2.1. Please check your release version($ head -1 /etc/nv_tegra_release). If you use previous release, you may consider to upgrade through Jetpack.