NVIVIA driver install for a fully patched RHEL 8 fails

I have a RHEL 8 machine that recently installed an update. I have the machine set to run CUDA as described in the blog “streamlining-nvidia-driver-deployment-on-rhel-8-with-modularity-streams”. However, this has failed. I went through the setup steps mentioned in the blog. However, at the last step “dnf module install nvidia-driver:latest”, RHEL returns the error “Installing module from Fail-Safe repository is not allowed”. According to RH tech support, this is an NVIDIA issue, not RH.

I tied to run “nvidia-bug-report.sh”, However, it is apparently not installed.

Please advise how I recover from this error.

Aaahh…process. I discovered that I missed a step in the process :)) After properly executing the steps, the driver installed