nvlink fatal : Internal error: reference to deleted section (CUDA 9)

I have a largish, heavily-templated library and small test executable that links to it that I am building with CUDA 9 on Fedora 24 / g++ 6.3.

Both the library and the executable compile in debug without error (though lots of ‘device calling host’, a few ‘stack size cannot be statically determined’ warnings).

In release, the library also builds without error, but the executable fails to link with

nvlink fatal   : Internal error: reference to deleted section

Can anyone explain this error or tell me how to identify its cause?


If you can reduce it down to a complete code that can be reasonably posted here, that is probably best. I realize that may be the intent of your question, but my suggestion would be to trim it down until you figure out what are the unique and necessary pieces needed to see the issue. Then provide that back using the email address you were given for correspondence about CUDA 9.

An internal error is just that: it is basically a bug, something that should never happen, and should not be observable through any ordinary usage of the code/tool.

Hi @txbob,
interesting seeing someone asking about a error CUDA9 SDK and not being the thread removed so it’s not under NDA now?
so can answer why I can’t see CUDA9 altough I’m (was?) a CUDA registered developer (which now seems to be called accelerated-computing-developer-program right?
so going here https://developer.nvidia.com/accelerated-computing-developer-program-home I can’t see CUDA9:
so it’s coming son here or public beta for all?


@gitrah so as to avoid the appearance of any violation of NDA, I recommend you correspond about CUDA 9 using the email address you were given