Nvme boot setting for OrinNX module alone

I am using Jetson OrinNX with custom carrier board and nvme boot.
I am planning to prepare a large number of devices with this configuration.
I have no problem cloning nvme SSDs, but I haven’t found an efficient way to configure OrinNX’s nvme boot settings.
I think the boot settings are written to the module’s QSPI, but I don’t know how to write to QSPI other than flashing the Jetpack.
The flash script seems to contain QSPI configuration options, is it possible to only write to QSPI?

what do you mean with boot settings?
If you mean boot order, and want to pre-configure it when flashing, check this post:


You can try this command to write to QSPI.

sudo ./flash.sh --no-systemimg --sparseupdate -c bootloader/t186ref/cfg/flash_t234_qspi.xml jetson-orin-nano-devkit internal
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As you say, I think it’s enough if I can change the boot order to nvme priority instead of SD card, but other setting items may be necessary (I don’t know how to do that is not).
The material you provided seems to involve Jetpack flash.In other words, it does not meet my purpose.(The reply below is the correct content.)

Thank you, your advice is suitable for me.
It is now possible to boot nvme without Jetpack flash.
But it takes 6min to write.Is it difficult to finish the operation in less time?

OK. I have the same question as you. But I don’t know how to shorten the time.

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