Nvme driver hang

Software Environment
OS: oracle linux 8.7 with kernel 4.18
mlnx_ofed: 5.9

Reproduce Steps:

  1. follow spdk’s nvmf user guide, setup target side
  2. connect to target from host (oracle linux)
  3. run io test by using fio
  4. delete subsystem from nvmf target


  1. fio hang
  2. after a few minitues, in host side, dmesg see ctrl removed, then a few CPU cores are 100% usage (see attachment)
  3. nvme list-subsys show deleting (no IO) never disappear
  4. a few momoent later, dmesg show task blocked for more than 120 seconds, (see attachment)

attachment.txt (16.1 KB)

Oracle8.7 not support by OFED5.9

Pls select supported OS/Kernel version


same issue on Oracle Linux 8.5 with OFED 5.7