NVME Gen3 write speed issues for L4T35

We were able to get 2.7GB/s write speed using Sabrent Rocket Nano DRAMless SSDs (PCIe Gen3) under L4T32 using “Disks” GUI.
Since updating to L4T 35.1, the write speed dropped to <1GB/s.
Also benchmark test for 100MB sample always hang.
What has changed for NVME interface under L4T35.1?
How to improve write speed for DRAM less PCIe Gen3 SSDs under L4T 35.1?
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Looks like you use Jetpack 5.0.2(r35.1). Please try the latest release Jetpack 5.1(r35.2.1).

Hi DaneLLL,
I installed 35.2.1. The behavior is the same, see attached screen capture. Write speed is only 700MB/s. 100MB test stopped at 10%.


Could you try this method:
1. fio - Flexible I/O tester rev. 3.33 — fio 3.33 documentation

We use this method for profiling performance and the result is identical for Jetpack 4 and 5.

Thanks for the suggestion. The “fio” does not hang for 100MB.
I got 1550MiB/s for --size=100Mb and 800MiB/s for --size=10Mb.

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