NVMe SSD not recognized

Hi all,

Loving this dev kit so far, but I installed a 1TB Western Digital Blue 3D NAND SATA SSD M.2 2280 stick and it’s not being recognized. It doesn’t show up in the Disks app nor when running lsblk.

Any advice?


You said “3D NAND SATA SSD M.2 2280”, but “NVMe SSD not recognized”. You should use NVMe SSD instead of SATA SSD.
I tried 256GB WDC “Black” NVME M.2 SSD and got 1.9GB/s read and 555MB/s write speeds using “gnome-disks”.
It shows as “/dev/nvme0” and “/dev/nvme0n1” using “ls /dev/nvme*”.

it seems that m2 2880 disk drives fall into SATA and NVMe types, and that former use SATA and the latter use PCI Express , and that m2. 2880 is just a form factor that doesn’t point directly to what method, PCI-E or SATA will be used, and Xavier seems to have M2. 2880 form factor for PCI-E, not for SATA.

“M.2 Key M NVMe
M.2 Key E PCIe x1 + USB 2.0 + UART (for Wi-Fi/LTE) / I2S / PCM
eSATAp + USB3.0 Type A SATA Through PCIe x1 Bridge (PD + Data for 2.5-inch SATA) + USB 3.0”
source: https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/buy/jetson-xavier-devkit

Thanks for pointing out there’s a material difference between the two!

Has this issue been resolved? Is this a NVMe or SATA based SSD?

It seems that type ‘SSD SATA M.2’ are not supported by Xavier. However, M.2 nvme ssd’s shouldn’t have issues running with the board. Moreover PCI-E x4 nvme SSD seems to work fine in PCI-e 16x slot. The issue in the original post defines the situation when sSSD SATA M.2 was attempted into the slot that only supports M.2 nvme SSD. Therefore it was an issue of wrong classification, in my opinion.