NvMedia - Creating nvm_eglstream_out/nvm_eglstream_in_2 etc for implementation in NvROS

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[*] native Ubuntu 18.04

Hi there,

I’ve been trying to execute some of the test applications in the NvROS documentation and am having trouble with initialising EGL streams with the correct socket paths. Attached is a snippet from the documentation where I’m stuck. The note suggests that nvmedia eglstream samples may be created with socket paths- /tmp/nvmedia_egl_socket_out, /tmp/nvemedia_egl_socket_in_2 and so on. It’s not really clear to me how to go about doing this. The only sample application I have is nvm_eglstream and by default it comes with socket path tmp/nvmedia_egl_socket. Must I be building more sample applications with different socket paths? If yes, may I know where the source code to modify and rebuild this lives?

I feel like I may be missing something fundamental here, so any help would be great!


You can find the source code you need to modify for the different socket paths in the following directory:


Thanks for the response! Managed to find the default socket path definition hard-coded in eglstrm_setup.h. Have made changes to pass the socket path as an argument instead. I have not been able to test it today to confirm that it works, but I’d say the original question has been answered.


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