NvMedia dropped support for YUV422?


On the PX2 I was using YUV422 output from the ISP, but when I tried on the AGX it complained the format is not supported. I’m using a modified version of nvmipp_raw to change the format.

The exact error message was:

[CheckSupportedIspOutputFormat:141] isp output surface type is not supported

I changed the output type to (same setting as on PX2)


Looking at the latest nvmipp_raw documentation seems to indicate for -o1 or -o2 it only supports YUV420, YUV444, or rgb_fp16, are these the only supported formats now?

Dear gordan1zrra,
As per documentation yuv422 is not supported.
Could you confirm which Drive version are you using in DRIVE PX2?

I’m using Drive on PX2.